Later Life Learning is a community based organization in Kingston, Ontario that is dedicated to bringing learning opportunities to mature Canadians. It has been an integral part of our community for over 30 years and offers the retiree and mature audience a public forum in which prominent speakers and experts discuss an enriched variety of interesting topics. Past lectures have touched on local, national and international issues: politics, economics, labour relations, new technologies, health and life issues as well as the arts.

The philosophy of Later Life Learning is that “learning never stops but continues throughout our lives”. Since the inaugural lecture, the accumulative attendance is over 80,000. Come join us on Friday mornings for an inspiring lecture series that will stimulate and nourish your mind and will foster creative thought, discussion and understanding. Later Life Learning makes donations from its profits and supports some of our friends.

Winter 2019 Lecture Series

Three hundred or more people attend each Friday morning and enjoy the lecture followed by an extended Q & A session with the speaker. Our lectures consist of a 1-hour talk followed by a 15-minute coffee break and a 45-minute Question and Answer session, a highlight of this lecture series. We recommend you stay but you are welcome to leave at any time.

I am amazed at the crowds that are flocking to this series and I certainly enjoyed today’s lecture…  I want to tell you that I thought the Science Series was outstanding and I am so very glad I wasn’t deterred by the level of knowledge they might have required.  … Thank goodness, I do take some notes and I have told various people how much they expanded by understanding of scientific progress in all these areas.  The presenters did such a great job in making their work impressive and the information accessible. – Heather

Series A – Winter 2019


11 Jan to 8 Feb 2019

Series B – Winter 2019


15 Feb to 15 Mar 2018

Friends of Later Life Learning

Our friends. A list of people, businesses and organisations we value, support or who support us. Read more….

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Weather Warnings and Cancellation

Lectures will only be cancelled in the event of severe weather conditions. For cancellation information: 

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General Info

Hearing Devices

16 Hearing assistive devices are available for your use. Arrange for the use of one at the beginning of each lecture.


Please, do not park in the Fire Lane, in Church Staff spots or in the driveway in front of the Church. Please try to Car Pool, if possible.


Pre register by mailing in your form & cheque to reserve your seat. Registration is limited, register early. Registration is on first come basis. Your fees will be returned in full if we cannot accommodate you.


Our lectures start @ 10:00 a. m . The lecture is about 1 hour long, followed by a short coffee break. There is about a 45 minute question period after the break. The lecture ends @ 12:00 pm

Previous Lectures

Materials and slides from some of our previous lectures are available for you.


Later Life Learning: Why Learning Never Stops

From what started as an aspiring program 30 years ago, Later Life Learning (LLL) has grown to be a trusted partner to Canadian adults. In that period of time, our team is proud to be an integral part of the community — discussing and enriching a variety of noteworthy and interesting topics.

With lessons ranging from arts and politics to sciences and technology, our team, sponsors, and learners will strive to uphold and strengthen the philosophy of LLL. Through decades of a collective effort, we believe that ‘learning never stops but continues throughout our lives.’

On the importance of learning

Learning is an active pursuit of knowledge, skills, behaviour, values, and several other important faculties. The ability to acquire these elements is a minimum requirement to reach success. Instead, what matters most is the constancy and willingness to continue the quest every single day in your life.

While the education sector is the prime and leading platform to practise this activity, learning should not and never be corralled in the four walls of the institution. Fueled by passion and powered by dedication, learning is a lifelong process. It is a vocation that everyone must strive for regardless of specific conditions and preferred career choices.

In the beautiful pedagogy of Socrates — one of the men behind the foundation of Western philosophy — learning is an unceasing search for knowledge. Albeit having known where to start, there is no end to this vast realm. So long as there are people, and so long as there is the ability to think, the pool of wisdom will grow more and more, better and better.

When Socrates said that knowledge is the only good and that ignorance is evil, LLL helps you dip into wisdom and understanding. Come and join us every Friday mornings for a series of inspiring lecture sessions. Since the initial lecture, LLL has amassed an attendance of over 80,000 people. Be part of this growing purpose and a wonderful group. 

Apart from heavy research-based sessions, you will have the chance to meet new people coming from all walks of life. A brief discussion with these people is another fantastic way to stimulate learning, foster creative thinking, and deepen understanding.

At present, LLL has two series: Series A (Spring 2018) and Series B (Winter 2018). Check our series/lectures page for more details. Get to know their main agenda and the people assigned to lecture on those events.

About us

With more than three decades of educational service and experience in the beautiful city of Kingston, our group owes its success to several people. Come and meet the steadfast team members and contributors who have been making this program so possible. Find the story of LLL and its learners here on this page: Meet the Later Life Learners: About Us.

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