Meet the Later Life Learners: About Us

Learning never stops but continues throughout our lives’. This philosophy is what drives Later Life Learning. It is that very single yet powerful statement that does the following:

  • Continuously invite thousands of aspiring learners
  • Conceive engaging and relevant discussions
  • Provide a healthy, stimulating public forum for retiree and mature audience
  • Create an intellectual and sympathetic community
  • Support and value other agencies through donations

Above all things, that notion is the very reason why LLL is built and is still in progress for more than 30 years. While a credo is essential to every institution, it only becomes effective when the right group of people uphold and strengthen it. That is why on this page, we want you to meet the steadfast team members of LLL.

About Later Life Learning

Later Life Learning is an open, friendly organisation based in Kingston, Ontario. It is dedicated to providing the mature audience with a receptive public forum by which prominent speakers and experts discuss a wide array of interesting topics. 

For three decades, we are proud to say that we have covered lessons ranging from arts and politics to sciences and technology. Since learning is an active pursuit, LLL assures participants and sponsors to better and widen that scope.

LLL lectures

Come and join us every Friday at 10:00 AM for a series of inspiring lectures. Unlike random subjects presented every week, LLL holds a common theme. Akin to academic essays or research papers, themed-lectures are detailed, giving you the chance to better understand them.

There are 300 or more people attending each lecture. Since LLL opened, it has amassed an attendance of over 80,000 people. Apart from exciting topics, you can raise your further concerns because each session is followed by an extended 45-minute Q & A session with the speaker.

About Later Life Learners

Members of LLL are called Later Life Learners. Our first learner was the programme founder Bunny Singer. Then, the group was run by Natalie Holland and a team of volunteers. Meet the other core members:

  • Natalie Holland: Coordinator
    • Holland has the talent that connects audiences and speakers. With her passion for lifelong learning and supporting other local agencies, the Chamber of Commerce and Queen’s University has recognised her works. For instance, the funds from LLL go to support Martha’s Table, Catholic Women’s Association, Awesome Kingston, and many others. 
  • Bunny Singer: Assistant
  • Brian Osborne: Consultant
  • Louie Delvoir: Consultant
  • John Allan: Consultant
  • Tom Cochraine: Consultant

Donations made to our community

LLL’s Tragedy Relief Fund program has aided the following groups:


  • Violins / Africa.
  • Tridelta St.Judes
  • Food Bank
  • Martha’s Table
  • Georges’ kitchen
  • Cancer Society


  • Seniors Centre
  • Birthrights
  • Girl Guides
  • Save our School KCVI


  • Awesome Kingston
  • Birthrights
  • Saint Mary’s Cathedral
  • Farm Fire Kingston
  • Humane Society
  • Leahurst College


  • Cancer Society
  • Dalhousie St. Judes
  • Gap Fund Kingston
  • Seniors Centre
  • Martha’s Table
  • Cross Road United Church
  • Leahurst College
  • KCVI save our school