Lectures at 10am, Crossroads United Church, 690 Sir John A. Macdonald Blvd

The themes for the Winter 2020 Later Life Learning lectures will again hopefully stimulate a wide range of constructive future individual and community conversations for the following reasons.

We are all living through the start of a new decade that is going to be full of rapid, and diverse challenges and opportunities for constructive personal, community and global changes coming our way.

Since last fall I have come across an upcoming local public lecture, and several media articles, and several types of books that compliment the themes of the Winter 2020 lecture series.

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 Our friends at The Isabel Bader Centre are inviting you to be their guests at

Viva Napoli Tarantella concert
with the Vesuvius Ensemble
Francesco Pellegrino, Singer
Guest artist Elisa Citterio, Violin (Music Director, Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra)
at the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts
390 King Street West
Monday, October 7, 2019 at 7:30 PM.


Your Inquiring mind might want to know about...

The AUTO THEFT prevention article in Toronto Star, Sat. Sept. 14th.WHEELS SECTION, PAGE W2, is worth reading for several reasons. This article and a workshop I'm taking on new computer car technologies both highlighted the many challenges in protecting new vehicles using electronic key fobs from being stolen.

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For your reference and that of your intellectually curious friends.

If don't read the Whig, you might not know that there are a wide range of interesting free public fall lectures taking place locally starting next week. There is also a new Ken Burns documentary series you might also want to check out. More information on each of these upcoming public events can be found described in the Sat. Sept. 14th Whig; and, at the websites for the Kingston Public Library, St. George's Cathedral, Chalmers United Church and, Queen's University Agnes Art Gallery. The Queen's Bauder Centre for the Performing Arts are also holding a wide range of public lecture and public art events starting this fall that might interest someone you know.

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As I shared with Natalie, the exciting Fall, 2019 Later Life Learning Lecture topics led me to do some research on a few emerging global societal trends, web sites, book titles, and some media articles that are related to the upcoming lecture series themes. Some Later Life Learning patrons might want to check out and share some of the cited reference materials with your friends for your future leisure reading and community discussions.

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The website www.CNET.COM/news has a very timely and detailed current news article related to the many pros and cons of using CRISPR gene editing technologies.

Basically, scientists are now at a place in human history where in the near future the use of CRISPR gene editing technologies will increasingly be used to alter existing species and/or to eliminate entire species such as disease-carrying insects of all types.

Therefore, Dr. Liilicrap L.L.L. lecture on Feb. 8, 2019, on the theme of " The Power of New Genetic Technologies...." should be a very informative lecture for everybody interested in learning more about how various new genetic technologies may impact future human and non-human life forms on our planet in the years ahead.

Hi Later Life Learning Lecture Patrons and other potential blog readers,

Some of you may want to check out the January - February 2019 edition of DISCOVER with the magazine title THE STATE OF SCIENCE 2019.

This particular edition of DISCOVER includes several interesting science articles that are related to some of the L.L.L. Winter Lecture themes.

One of the many DISCOVER articles that some readers may enjoy reading including the article on a global DNA research project now underway around the world to document the DNA of over 1.5 million + organisms with a cellular nucleus.

Your attendance at the upcoming Winter 2019 Later Life Learning Kingston Lecture series provides local citizens with some unique local life long learning opportunities that will both entertain you and help you to become a better-informed citizen. There are a wide range of important emerging disruptive global political trends, along with many scientific discoveries and related public policy subjects that will be discussed at the upcoming L.L.L. lecture series.

In this regard, some Later Life Learning patrons may want future access to some supplementary information articles either before or after hearing some of the noted Later Life Learning guest lecturers.

Seasons Greetings and all the best to you in 2019.

If you aren't yet aware of the www.Canada.ca/seniors  website it may be worth checking out and bookmarkig for your future family reference. This Canadian federal government website has about a dozen internal links to federal government services of potential interest to seniors and their families. For the record, there is a similar provincial government website that provides information for provincial government services of potential interest to seniors and/or their caregivers. For more information check out the government services section of your local phone book.

The website www.curiositystream.com  is a subscription based website that charges about $12.00 dollars (US) a year that will then give subscribers access to thousands of documentaries that cover subjects such as science, nature, history, technology, philosophy, society, lifestyle and the subject list goes on and on. There is presently a free seven-day trial period.

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Stan Sherry researches and provides updates to the Later Life Learning community on subjects we think will be of interest to you.

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