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Books and Websites of Potential Interest

Books and Websites of Potential Interest to Later Life Learning Patrons and Their Friends.

1. Book title: Improbable Destinies - FATE,CHANCE, AND THE FUTURE OF EVOLUTION. Author: JOHNATHAN B. LOSOS.
Losos shares with his readers some of the"... latest breakthroughs in evolutionary biology that have far-reaching applications for protecting ecosystems, securing our food supply, and fighting off harmful viruses and bacteria."

2. The book Homo Deus is written by Yuval Noah Harari. This book is described as "A BRIEF HISTORY OF TOMORROW." Professor Harari lectures at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, specializing in World History.
"Homo Deus explores the projects, dreams and nightmares that will shape the twenty-first century."

3. Book title: The Populist Explosion: How The Great Recession Transformed American and European Politics. The author is
John Judis. A Columbia Global Report that is 182+ pages long.

4. Book Title: The Gobal Resurgence of Religion and the Transformatiaon of International Relations. Author: S. Thomas.
Theme: The Struggle for the Soul of the Twenty-First Century.

5. Book Title: Beyond Religious Freedom - Author: Elizabeth Skakman Hurd. Theme: The New Global Politics of Religion.

6. Individuals can glean a lot of interesting information on current Canadian and global survelliance issues by going to the following two Canadian university websites:

The Queen's University Survelliance Centtre has a lot of interesting internal web links that cover a broad range of current global survelliance and privacy issues that are impacting everybody in all societies around the world.

The University of Toronto Citizen Lab features internal web links that also containss a wide range of articles on how citizens around the world can protect themselves while using the web.

7. An article published June 26, 2017 by Josh Cin and Liz Lin is available on the web that describes in great detail China's use of state of the art survelliance technologies. The article is entitled "China's All-Seeing Surveillance State is Reading Its Citzens' Faces."

8. On an concluding upbeat and inspiring book topic note, I recommend the book, WONDER WOMEN by SAM MAGGS.
*"SAM" is a female writer. Her twitter address is: Twitter@SamMaggs.
This book contains the stories of 25 women innovators, inventors and trailblazers who changed the world.
All books noted may be accessible through the Ontario Inter-Library loan system.
WOMEN WOMEN is a very inspiring book to be shared with everybody, but especially young girls looking for positive female role models from different cultural backgrounds and from different historical periods in world history.


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Stan Sherry researches and provides updates to the Later Life Learning community on subjects we think will be of interest to you.

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