Jan 2018 top tips for learning

TVO (www.tvo.org) has just published their January and February 2018 listing of their upcoming winter documentaries. The listed documentaries cover a wide range of topics of potential interest to many lifelong learners. Their documentaries can be downloaded to your computer or tablet to take with you while traveling.

As the motto of TVO says, "Never stop learning."

I recommend Googling and checking out FAREED ZAKARIA'S show entitled GPS, that is featured on CNN on Sunday mornings. Fareed's GPS show features interviews with leading-edge global newsmakers from around the world who have written books.

Here are three recommended book titles and the author's names that some Later Life Learning supporters may want to check out at a future date.
2. THE TROUBLE WITH DEMOCRACY- A CITIZEN SPEAKS OUT. The author of this book is William D. Gairdner.

3. HOMO DEUS- A BRIEF HISTORY OF TOMORROW is written by Yuval Noah Harari. This international bestselling book has been recommended both by FAREED ZAKARIA on his CNN show GPS; and, by the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Society Book Club.

Later in 2018, I will share with you some more books titles that some of you will hopefully find contains different forms of inspiring literary learning materials for your future leisure reading.

The Chautauqua Institute website at www.chq.org  is another web portal worth checking out. You will find a list of many inspiring 2018 lecture series topics and book recommendations from the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Society. .
For example, the June 23rd., 2018 first lecture series at Chautauqua this year is on the theme of "The Life of The Written Word."