Later Life Learning has now retired as of Aug 2020 is worth checking out

The website is worth checking out as one of the new websites based in the US that is working with Facebook and other social media organizations in their common attempts to independently confirm the accuracy of suspicious social media entries.

The above website has an article entitled Debunking Fake News that makes for some interesting reading.

Inquiring Minds may also want to check out the CBC website for their program IDEAS hosted by Paul Kennedy. Kennedy is now hosting some documentaries this month on The State and Practice of Democracy in 2018.

Given the topics of the L.L.L. fall 2018 lecture series, I would also recommend accessing and reading the writings of the Canadian writer John Ralston Saul. Saul wrote a book in 1995 entitled THE UNCONSCIOUS CIVILIZATION.

Saul's book was written 23 years ago, It is not a light book to read. However, I do discern growing evidence worldwide that Saul's assertions from 23 years ago are even more valid today Saul asserts in part, that most people in all societies are socially conditioned not to consciously think critically about the many false ideologies promoted as truth and reality by controlling political elites in countries around the world.

Saul's book on which his Massey lecture series was based in 1995 can probably be accessed through the CBC IDEAS archives.

Saul asserts in his book, that our society only superficially respects the virtue of individual rights and the virtues of promoting democracy worldwide.

Saul further asserts that our world is increasingly conformist minded and controlled by powerful corporations with hidden political agendas that are often not in the best interests of protecting individual rights and liberties and the virtues of democracy.

The power of communication corporate giants like Facebook, Google, and Apple are just three examples of corporations with immense political, economic and social power to force others to conform to their corporate will which often may not be in the true best interest of individuals and our democratic institutions.

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Stan Sherry researches and provides updates to the Later Life Learning community on subjects we think will be of interest to you.

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