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Fake News and Public Forum Political Discussion Issues

If you or someone you know are interested in expanding your knowledge of the what CBC and other respected media reporters have to say about the dangers of FAKE NEWS found in different media sources consider checking out the following CBC radio, web videos, Whig-Standard press, and book references.

I would first recommend everybody to consider checking out the CBC RADIO IDEAS website and look for the Sept. 19, 2019, broadcast by SUE GARDENER entitled A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH. Also check out another broadcast video Ms. Gardener has posted on YOUTUBE dated Nov. 27, 2017, entitled HOW THE INTERNET IS BREAKING DEMOCRACY AND WHAT WE CAN DO ABOUT IT.

I was driving along the 401 to Kitchener last Wed., Sept. 19, 2019, around 10:00 p.m. when my wife and I stumbled upon the CBC Radio show IDEAS hosted by Paul Kennedy. Kennedy introduced Ms. Gardener's first documentary lecture as noted above. I then discovered a related YOUTUBE video by Ms. Gardner entitled "How The Internet is Breaking Democracy and What We Can Do About It."

Sue Gardener worked as a public service journalist for many years with CBC. Sue also was an executive staff person for Wikimedia for several years in the US.

Gardener gives an excellent, passionate and a very concise history of the Canadian public broadcasting system. Ms. Gardener then gives an overview of CBC's past public service educational strengths along with some of the current weaknesses of most underfunded public broadcasting systems now operating around the world. Gardener points out the growing intensity of different forms of false news attacks since the internet has come into existence. Many of these false news attacks come from unvetted social media sites that are undermining both our important democratic values and human rights achievements made to date worldwide. Therefore, Gardener broadcasted media presentations help enlighted citizens worldwide to be better informed about the form, content, and sources of potential fake news articles being circulated by individuals and corporate groups with underlying negative corporate and personal political agendas.

On Sept. 20, 2019, there was an article published in the Globe and Mail on Page A-5 about what supposedly Facebook is now doing to limit fake news on their website. The title of that newspaper article is "Facebook adds new tools to limit fake news."

And, on Sat. Sept. 22, 2019, on page C9 you may have spotted a Whig-Standard article by Bill Gervais who writes for the RELIGION section of the Whig.
Mr. Gervais's article is entitled "Truth in an age of fake news."

Mr. Gervais gives the reader a brief history of some forms of fake news most of us have been exposed at some point in our lives in recent years.
Mr. Gervais cites the wisdom advocated by many wise people throughout the ages of seeking out different opinions and new sources from different sources to avoid "spreading biased and baseless ideas." Gervais last line of his article is the profound ethical question taken from (John 18:38) when Pilate asks: "What is Truth?"

I would also recommend going to see Michael Moore's new movie entitled FARENHEIT 11/9. This movie is a hard-hitting expose by Moore's on how all types of "false news" stories by mainly Trump supporters have weakened our democratic society as a whole while putting down the legitimate social, economic and political concerns of a wide range of citizens across the US and from around the world.

I would recommend adding the book LIFE 3.0 ( BEING HUMAN IN THE AGE OF ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE) by MAX TEGMARK to your future reading list.
Tegmark's book discusses a broad range of rapidly changing human activities being taken over by artificial intelligence decision making systems that can and are increasingly also embedded in buildings, consumer products, cars, humans, and other independently controlled robotic controlled devices. Tegmark's book covers a wide range of subjects that are raising a lot of important public ethical debate questions as to what it will mean to be a human in the 21st century when artifical intelligent systems have the potential of overtaking human intelligence and many types of human activities.

Final comment - Many of these media controlled artificial intelligent gathering data processing systems play an increasingly vital role in gathering, filtering, controlling and defining what pieces of information are considered to be fact or fiction and what pieces of information are circulated around the world in what format to which group of information seekers.

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