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Stan's October update

I would encourage blog readers wanting information on some interesting politically orientated lectures that are upcoming Queen's this fall to check out the Queen's events calendar posted at 

The Chancellor Dunning Lectureship takes place this Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018, will be on the theme of "Race, Injustice, and the Burden of Hope" - This lecture will be given by Chis Lebron.

The John Misel Lecture to be held at Queen's Nov. 1st is on the theme of "The Pretense of Reconciliation"

There will be a lecture at Queen's around Nov. 22, 2018, on the U.S. Mid-Term Elections given by two Canadian political scientists.

Consult the Queen's posted public events web calendar for more information on places, times and future guest lecture themes that may be of interest to someone you know.

Related to the ongoing public discussions of FAKE NEWS articles, the book entitled MESSING WITH THE ENEMY by Clint Watts is an enlightened analysis of how hackers, terrorists, and Russians, among others, spread fake news stories through social media outlets. Watts worked for many decades as an anti-terrorist and cybersecurity analyst for the U.S. government and other private security agencies.
The CBC radio show The Current last week featured an interesting interview with the scientist and author Jaron Lanier entitled - Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now.

Jaron has creditability to the issues he raises concerns about in his book as a scientist who has been actively involved in developing the internet, and virtual reality systems. Jaron works as a research scientist for Microsoft. Jaron admitted in his recent CBC radio interview that he does not hold any subscriptions in any social media services. He advises heavy social media users to take a six-month break from using their social media accounts and use that period of time to get in touch with themselves and their real human friends in order to find out what is truly real and important in human life.

Many recent mental health studies from around the world echo some of the many concerns Jaron arises with his readers about some of the negative health dangers of the heavy use of social media services experience by especially young people worldwide. Negative mental and physical health symptoms like depression, feelings of group rejection when social media opinions are not "liked" or people are "defriended" by other social media users. Also, Jaron points out that many heavy media users of some types of social media agencies can become narrow-minded in their personal opinions when only their viewpoints are normally registered as being liked.

Jaron points out that artificial intelligence decision-making algorithms are designed to manipulate, and slant human emotions and create emotional addictive conditioned behavioral responses. The modern version of manipulating human responses like Pavlov could induce in dogs and humans by giving a dog and human test subjects various stimulus and reward combinations. to induce specific responses to different types of stimuli.

Hackers and political propagandists are especially expert in our current age in creating misleading and disruption patterns of human responses for their own political agendas as many of the aforementioned author describe in the books just referenced.

Jaron, like Clint Watts and several other authors in the recent news, point out in their own books, that fake news and a false sense of what is real and true; and what is fake in our world is increasingly being fostered and reinforced in people's minds by the manipulative nature of decision-making artificial intelligence systems. These algorithms are designed to raise intense human emotions and to shape and manipulate human emotions and decision making processes used by most tracking and monitoring social media agencies like Google, Facebook, and other hackers worldwide.

Finally, the author Max Tegmark's book Life 3.0- Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence reinforces for at least this reader, a long list of pressing public policy and practical daily living issues artificial intelligence and robotic devices will soon further influence the quality of life for humans on so many fronts of human activity now happening on this planet.

Therefore, the ongoing importance of engaging in all types of lifelong learning activities in order to keep yourself informed of what you can do to adapt physically and mentally in a healthy and practical way, to the many challenges of living in our fast-changing world around us

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Stan Sherry researches and provides updates to the Later Life Learning community on subjects we think will be of interest to you.

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