A Few links

Seasons Greetings and all the best to you in 2019.

If you aren't yet aware of the www.Canada.ca/seniors  website it may be worth checking out and bookmarkig for your future family reference. This Canadian federal government website has about a dozen internal links to federal government services of potential interest to seniors and their families. For the record, there is a similar provincial government website that provides information for provincial government services of potential interest to seniors and/or their caregivers. For more information check out the government services section of your local phone book.

The website www.curiositystream.com  is a subscription based website that charges about $12.00 dollars (US) a year that will then give subscribers access to thousands of documentaries that cover subjects such as science, nature, history, technology, philosophy, society, lifestyle and the subject list goes on and on. There is presently a free seven-day trial period.

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