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DISCOVER science articles related to Winter Lecture themes.

Hi Later Life Learning Lecture Patrons and other potential blog readers,

Some of you may want to check out the January - February 2019 edition of DISCOVER with the magazine title THE STATE OF SCIENCE 2019.

This particular edition of DISCOVER includes several interesting science articles that are related to some of the L.L.L. Winter Lecture themes.

One of the many DISCOVER articles that some readers may enjoy reading including the article on a global DNA research project now underway around the world to document the DNA of over 1.5 million + organisms with a cellular nucleus.


There are several informative articles on new GENETIC research findings and their practical emerging applications in the field of personalized medicine using CRISPR'S DNA editing procedures.

Another article is about the ethics of using genealogy DNA data gleaned from various public and private sources. Already DNA information has been used by police to help to solve crimes. Some insurance companies want access to personalized DNA information that can be used to determine a person's health risks; and, by extension insurance premiums to be charged to a specific target population of insurance clients.

Another DISCOVER article talks about the implications of genetic research findings to build more efficient and healthy human brains.

The article on MEDICINE discusses some of the many moral, legal and practical future implications of cloning of animals and humans.

One final DISCOVER article worth mentioning is the article entitled Gutting It Out. This article briefly describes new less invasive ways doctors can check on our gut health through the use of miniaturized cameras and micro- monitoring health sensors that a patient can easily swallow. These same internal body cameras and biosensors and can then be used and controlled externally by medical staff to take internal body pictures and report on the chemicals found in the gut that are biochemical signals markers that can help medical teams determine remotely what diseases a patient may be potentially suffering from.

S. Sherry, L.L.L. Volunteer Web Researcher

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Stan Sherry researches and provides updates to the Later Life Learning community on subjects we think will be of interest to you.

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