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Stan's update - Sep 2019

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If don't read the Whig, you might not know that there are a wide range of interesting free public fall lectures taking place locally starting next week. There is also a new Ken Burns documentary series you might also want to check out. More information on each of these upcoming public events can be found described in the Sat. Sept. 14th Whig; and, at the websites for the Kingston Public Library, St. George's Cathedral, Chalmers United Church and, Queen's University Agnes Art Gallery. The Queen's Bauder Centre for the Performing Arts are also holding a wide range of public lecture and public art events starting this fall that might interest someone you know.


The American documentary filmmaker Ken Burns has a new 16-hour documentary series on the history of the influence of all types of country music on American culture during the past 100 + years. This documentary series starts this Sunday on PBS. It is described in Sat. Sept. 14th Whig. Ken Burns has produced a wide range of high-quality documentaries. Burns has spoken about his films at Chautauqua Insitute several times when we have been on site. Eventually, this film series will probably be available on Netflix and other documentary streaming media sources.

There is also another art-related article to be found in the Sat. Sept. 14, 2019 edition of the Whig, on the influence of street art in American culture from Harlem, New York.

The Kingston public library is hosting at least three public free lectures this month. The two lectures that I have enrolled in so far at the public library include one lecture on the theme of gut microbiome and brain functioning relationship. This lecture is to be held next Wed. at the Central branch library. This lecture may now be filled?

Kingston Frontenac Library staff is also hosting a free 50-anniversary tribute lecture to Appollo 11 to be held at the Turner Library next Sat. These public free lectures are part of their new Live Public Lecture series offered on a monthly basis.

The Queen's Agnes Art Gallery along with the Bader Performing Arts Centre are now advertising a wide range of public lectures starting in the near future.
On Thursday, Sept. 19 th (doors open at 6:00 p.m.) at St. George's Cathedral where a public lecture on Climate Emergency entitled: Why and What We Must Do? Featuring Environmental Lawyer and Environmental Commissioner of Ontario Dr. Dianne Saxe.

Chambers United Church is hosting a three-part series of lectures entitled
IS THE BIBLE GREEN? Ecology and the Christian Scriptures.
These lectures will be held at Chalmers United Church on Wed. Oct. 2, 9, and 16th. The guest lecturer will be Rev. Dr. Bill Morrow, Professor of Hebrew and Hebrew Scriptures, Queen's University School of Religion.

P.S. Anybody interested in checking out some of the newest research findings related to the gut microbiome and brain functioning might want to read the book by Dr Gerard. Em Mullin, M.D., entitled GUT BALANCE REVOLUTION. This book can now be found in the Kingston Public Library.

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Stan Sherry researches and provides updates to the Later Life Learning community on subjects we think will be of interest to you.

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