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Stolen frequencies, the mind and country music!

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The AUTO THEFT prevention article in Toronto Star, Sat. Sept. 14th.WHEELS SECTION, PAGE W2, is worth reading for several reasons. This article and a workshop I'm taking on new computer car technologies both highlighted the many challenges in protecting new vehicles using electronic key fobs from being stolen.

In brief, all electronic key fobs, and any other credit card, passport, and embedded microchip credit card, etc. can be read by remote electronic signal data readers from a distance of sometimes several hundred feet by hackers. Electronic car key fobs, for example, are constantly sending out a low-frequency signal that can be amplified at a distance, harvested and downloaded to a remote laptop. The information gleaned by these electronic storage devices is being used to steal a vehicle, and/or and to access and steal personal data contained in various other types of electronic storage devices like passports, credit cards, etc.
Some tips used by car dealership owners, and enlightened individuals to stop these data thefts are described in the Star article which can be accessed online. You can also Google this subject online for more information.
For example - You can buy Faraday cage lined wallets, that are sold by many retailers to block electronic signal transmission from passports and credit cards. P.S. A Faraday cage is designed to block electronic magnetic transmission of electric signals of different frequencies. Wallets sold to do this task are usually made with a metal foil casing embedded in wallets and purses and passport covers.
F.Y.I. New Near-Field-Radio-Frequency Identification Sensor Systems (NFRFISS) are being embedded in a growing number of products as 5G telecommunication technologies are being implemented around the world. This new telecommunication reality makes data hacking easier in some cases. All individuals would be wise to become aware of how to protect your personal data and, any items controlled by these new electronic information storage and control devices while both at home and traveling.

HOW THE MIND WORKS- A new NETFLIX documentary is now online.
Don't we all want to understand how our mind works? Ha.

P.S. The new Ken Burns documentary on the role of country music in shaping American, and by extension Canadian cultures is highly recommended viewing according to several news stories I have read this week. Burns has produced many other excellent documentaries, including a documentary on the role of jazz music in influencing American and world culture.

Keep informed, keep on learning all the days of your life.

Stan S.

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Stan Sherry researches and provides updates to the Later Life Learning community on subjects we think will be of interest to you.

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