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Stan's update Jan 2020

The themes for the Winter 2020 Later Life Learning lectures will again hopefully stimulate a wide range of constructive future individual and community conversations for the following reasons.

We are all living through the start of a new decade that is going to be full of rapid, and diverse challenges and opportunities for constructive personal, community and global changes coming our way.

Since last fall I have come across an upcoming local public lecture, and several media articles, and several types of books that compliment the themes of the Winter 2020 lecture series.


For example, Kingston Frontenac Library at the Calvin Park branch is hosting a public lecture on The Gut-Brain Axis: Fact or Fiction? This lecture will be held on Wed. Jan. 15- 2-4 p.m. More registration information at starting Jan. 4, 2020.

Michael Ignatieff's new book - The Ordinary Virtues- Moral Order in a Divided World focuses on the importance of fostering common global virtues like tolerance, forgiveness, trust and resilience. Ignatieff asserts to his readers that these global virtues take on increased importance in our fast changing and divided world. Fostering these same common global virtues has the capacity the author asserts for " healing, reconciliation, and solidarity on both a local and global scale."

Jordon Peterson, a clinical psychologist at the University of Toronto has written a book entitled 12 RULES OF LIFE-AN ANTIDOTE TO CHAOS. Peterson's book focuses on the "value of individual responsibility and learning from the wisdom of ancient and modern sages in an age of change and polarizing politics."
New York Times says Peterson is "The most influential public intellectual in the Western world right now."

The book HACKING DARWIN by Jamie Metzl has as its theme GENETIC ENGINEERING and the FUTURE OF HUMANITY. The author asserts that individuals must take responsibility in educating themselves to understanding the ethical and legal implications of human, plant and animal genetic engineering projects now underway around the world.
Hacking Darwin is one book I know of that is being put forth for consideration of acceptance for the US Chautauqua Literary Society 2020 Book Prize.
The Globe & Mail reported January 3, 2020 that a growing number of young people are now willing to use DNA testing and bio-medical devices of different types to monitor both their health and/or to enhance future human body functioning. CRISPER gene editing technologies are rapidly being use to personalize medical treatments and to defeat an increasing range of diseases.
Research is also rapidly increasing world wide in the areas of healthy living lifestyles and the brain-gut functioning.

The Canadian National Art Gallery located in Ottawa is hosting an International Indigenous Art Exhibition to April 5, 2020. This Art Exhibition will feature 100 art works by 70 Indigenous artists from around the world. See the Toronto Star, Sat. Jan. 4, 2020, Section TRAVEL, Pages T1 & T9 for more information. There will be art performances, family days and public talks with the curators during this special art exhibition.

And finally, the book Unconditional Love- A GUIDE TO NAVIGATING THE JOYS AND CHALLENGES OF BEING A GRANDPARENT TODAY may be worth reading by someone you know? Author: Jane Isay. This book is available in the Kingston Public Library.

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Stan Sherry researches and provides updates to the Later Life Learning community on subjects we think will be of interest to you.

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