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Age 2.0 Newsletter

F.Y.I. - Age 2.0 Newsletter - Including Resource Information Guide on Staying Home, Staying Connected ...for Older Adults and Their Caregivers...

I'm taking the liberty to share with you, an electronic copy of the newsletter AGING 2.0. It is an American publication that features leading edge research on global gerontological research findings, products and services being developed and/or already in use in communities around the world that are designed to support older adults, their caregivers, and the work of programming staff of any community service agency representatives that provide services to older adults.

The Aging 2.0 newsletter contains some unique and interesting articles on a wide range of subjects that may be of potential interest to both older adults and anybody working with older adults. The web link below should take you directly to the referenced RESOURCE GUIDE noted below.

On a personal note, I read the Age 2.0 newsletter, and the information contained within the web portal on a regular basis to help keep myself informed of all of the many positive technological innovations and community development projects taking place worldwide that are being designed to create a more 'Age Friendly" world.

The Age 2.0 Resource Guide will also be found within the AGE 2.0 newsletter section labelled INDUSTRY NEWS. Scroll down until you see the section marked in red and named A RESOURCE GUIDE TO ENGAGE AND CONNECT IN A TIME OF SOCIAL ISOLATION. Double click on any of the highlighted red sections to be taken to the contents in the RESOURCE GUIDE. This guide is about 50 + pages in total. This RESOURCE INFORMATION GUIDE is filled with all types of weblinks, and reference topics that I have not found cited in other Canadian resource directories.

You may or may not know, that there is also a federal Canadian government, and an Ontario government guide to seniors services that is available on line and in most public libraries. Likewise, most local Councils on Aging produce on a regular yearly basis local community service guides in both electronic and hard paper versions. These local service guides often include both private and public services that are often used by older adults and their caregivers. The 211 Information Call Centres also keeps an updated database of a wide range of public and private social service agencies located in communities across Ontario.

I hope some of the information found to be contained in the cited websites may be of some future use to someone you know.

Strive to stay positive, safe, healthy, socially connected and intellectually enlightened, now and always.

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Stan Sherry researches and provides updates to the Later Life learning community on subjects we think will be of interest to you.

Stan Sherry researches and provides updates to the Later Life Learning community on subjects we think will be of interest to you.

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