Additional reading for March 16, 2018 Lecture by Professor Lyons

On March 16, 2018, a Later Life Learning Lecture is expected to be presented by Professor Lyons from the Queen’s Survellience Project that will focus on Surveillance, Security, and Democracy Issues.

In this regard, there are two articles that some L.L.L. members might want to read before this lecture to get some first-hand insight into how fast surveillance systems of all types are expanding around the world.

The National Geographic February 2018 magazine features a large article entitled THE NEW BIG BROTHER. Theme: In our surveillance society, satellites, cameras, and phones are tracking us more than we ever imagined. See pages 30-65 to read this same article.

The Kingston Whig-Standard this week featured an article by Elliot Ferguson entitled – City, Bell partner on internet project.

This new local Bell six-month test project will be testing for the City of Kingston, Bell’s new Smart City Internet of Things Platform.

Mr. Gary Semplonius, senior vice-president of sales for Bell Canada spoke to City of Kingston Council Members on Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018 about Bell’s Smart City Internet of Things Platform.

The Internet of Things Platform, in brief, refers to when specialized sensing and monitoring devices are embedded in all sorts of devices, buildings and even people (think of health monitoring devices), with the information data collected from all of these sensors and monitoring devices in real time. The information collected is then analyzed to be used for specific uses at a future date by various third party individuals, businesses and government agencies.