Museums lecture series in spring 2018

The upcoming Spring 2018 Later Life Learning lectures series is focusing on some of our local museums here in Kingston.

You might want to consider expanding your future independent learning opportunities by obtaining a museum and/or park pass from your local public library.

Visit a local library branch in person or go online to www.https:// for more information on how to obtain one of these free museums and park passes from your local library with the use of your library card. Through our public library system, you can also get a free museum pass that gives you access to several museums located in Ottawa.

For the record, you might want to also check out your local library branch and website for a listing of several upcoming speakers series events coming to various local libraries in the next couple of months.

You can also go to the Kingston Museum Blog at for more information on our local 26 museums, historic sites, and 4 local art galleries.

When you are planning a future trip outside of your home community consider checking out ahead of time what special free public events different museums, historic sites and art galleries may be offered the public at specific dates and times when you may be visiting other communities around the world.

A growing number of the most famous and largest museums and art galleries around the world are increasingly struggling on how to handle all of the tourist visitors who want timely access to see very valuable and fragile museum artifacts in increasingly very crowded public museums. Many of these same museums and art galleries can often only display a small fraction of their total on-site artifacts at any one time.

There are a growing number of museums, historic sites and art galleries from around the world that are now offering individuals and groups access to multi-lingual virtual reality tours of their museum and art exhibits. This innovative new method of virtual reality tours of museum and art gallery exhibitions helps to safely expose more museum artifacts to growing museum crowds who might not have the time and money to travel to the physical museum or art gallery site.

Various partnership agreements have been formed worldwide in recent years with organizations like the Documentary Channel, National Geographic, TVO, PBS, Netflix, to permit individuals and groups with limited time and financial resources to experience in a limited way what it would be like to physically visit different museums and this art gallery and/or museum display.

Wearing 3-D virtual reality viewing glasses linked into a smart TV, with multi-lingual translations will increasingly be a popular way for a growing number of people from around the world to access at a time of their choosing, in a remote viewing format, the contents of art galleries, museums, and historic displays without leaving your home.

Some museums around the world are already offering people 3-D museum tours experienced through the wearing of 3-D virtual reality viewing glasses connected to the use of smart high definition television sets.

Many of these same museums, art galleries, and historic sites can also offer teachers and other community educational resource personnel specialized educational learning packages designed for use with a specific museum and/or art gallery displays and, for specific educational learning purposes with a specific age groups of individuals.

TVO is one good example of an Ontario based educational media source to check out on a regular basis.

Our local Agnes Etherington Art Gallery on Queen’s campus, on lower University Ave., has a wide range of multi-media public cultural events now taking place to the end of April as part of their themed Artistic Social Justice events.