Series A – Spring 2018

Series A  – Spring 2018 – Marvellous Museums.

This series will give you some history about museums in general. It will also include lectures about 2 local museums.

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Series B – Winter 2018

Series B – Controversy & Conflicts in Contemporary Politics

The last 20 years or so have seen some remarkable changes on the political scene in Canada and the world. The rise of populism in North America and Europe is seen by many as a threat to democracy. Attempts to re-write history have given us a new phenomenon known as the politics of memory.  The resurgence of religious politics has left its mark on a variety of countries on four continents. The Brexit referendum in Great Britain and the advent of Donald Trump have made trade policy a major issue in international relations. The maintenance of security in post 9/11 world has posed challenges to the civil rights of citizens. These are all topics worthy of serious reflection, and it is to that this series of lectures is dedicated.

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