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Series B - Winter 2017

Series B - Current Issues In Public Policy

2017winter b public policy 360pxAs Canada moves further into the new millennium, there are several policy issues that must be dealt with if the country is to prosper in the challenging circumstances in which it finds itself.  Our demographics are changing as our population ages and the relative size of working population declines.  Inequality is increasing as middle-class income-growth stagnates while the one-percenters flourish.  In an increasingly uncertain international setting, we are challenged to modernize our military forces, but our track record for military procurement is abominable.  And, as climate change emerges as the most serious global threat, we must ask if our policies in this area are both sufficient and correct.  Finally, we must enquire if our first-past-the-post voting mechanism is the best way to obtain political answers to these challenges.  These are the challenges addressed in this series.


Series B – $67/person, 5 lectures
Series A & B – $124/person, 10 lectures

New: Lectures may have available seats at $20.00. Call ahead for single availability.

Where and when:

All lectures start at 10am and are held at Crossroads United Church, 690 Sir John A. Macdonald Blvd unless otherwise stated. See "Things You Should Know" section on homepage for other routine details.

Series B created with John Allen


17 Feb  to 17 Mar 2017


Links to some of our speakers are available here if  you wish to learn more.

February 17:

Ms. Sherri Torjman, Vice-President, the Caledon Institute of Social Policy:

“The Greying of Canada: A Crisis in Public Policy?”

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February 24:

Dr. Keith Banting (Political Studies, Queen’s) & Dr. John Allan (IIGR, Queen’s):

The Nature and Significance of the Crisis of Inequality

line 1200pxMarch 3:

Professor Kim Richard Nossal, Political Studies, Queen’s:

Fixing Canada’s Defence Procurement Messes

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March 10:

Professor Warren Maybee, Institute for Energy & Environmental Policy, Queen’s:

Is Canada Doing Enough to Combat Global Warming

line 1200pxMarch 17:

Professor Dan Usher, Economics, Queen’s:

A New Voting System for Canada.

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