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Series A - Winter 2018

Series A  - Evolution: From Historical Roots to Biological Puzzles.

Charles Darwin’s book, “The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection” published in 1859, represented a seminal event in science. Today all biology is viewed through the lens of evolution. In this 5 part series we will explore the theory of evolution beginning with its historical roots and ending with the biological puzzles not easily accounted for within the framework of classic evolutionary concepts.


Series A – $67/person, 5 lectures
Series A & B – $124/person, 10 lectures

New: Lectures may have available seats at $20.00. Call ahead for single availability.

Where and when:

All lectures start at 10am and are held at Crossroads United Church, 690 Sir John A. Macdonald Blvd unless otherwise stated. See "Things You Should Know" section on homepage for other routine details.


12 Jan to 9 Feb 2018


Links to some of our speakers may be available here if  you wish to learn more.

This series speaker: Dr. Michael Singer

Jan. 12:

History of Evolutionary Concepts: pre-and-post Darwin

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Jan. 19:

Genomic Basis of Evolution: recent Advances.

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Jan. 26: 

Speciation: How Do New Species Form, With a Particular Emphasis on Our Specie, Homo Sapiens

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Feb. 2:

Cultural and Ecological Inheritance: Two Systems of Non-genetic Inheritance that are Important and Rapid Drivers of Evolution.

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Feb. 9:

Evolutionary Puzzles: How Does Evolution Account for Aging of Animals and the Origin of Social Behavior in Insects Such as Bees and Ants?

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