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Series A - Fall 2018

Series A  - Fall 2018 - FAKE NEWS - (MAKING SENSE OF THE NEWS).

We live in an era when mainstream and traditional media are under assault. Opinion masquerades as expertise. The border between fact and fiction erodes, and information morphs into infotainment. Figures of authority dismiss the unpalatable or unflattering as “Fake News”, and with a proliferation of sources, consumers shop for what they want to hear.


Series A – $67/person, 5 lectures
Series A & B- $124.00 per person

New: Lectures may have available seats at $20.00. Call ahead for single availability.

Where and when:

All lectures start at 10am and are held at Crossroads United Church, 690 Sir John A. Macdonald Blvd unless otherwise stated. See "Things You Should Know" section on homepage for other routine details.


21 Sep 2018 - 19 Oct 2018


Links to some of our speakers may be available here if  you wish to learn more.

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Sept. 21: Robert Fisher, Retired CBC Broadcast Journalist.
“Impact of IT Revolution on Delivery & Definition of “THE NEWS”.

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Sept. 28:  Sally Barnes

Self-confessed “news junkie”, career print journalist & Radio/TV commentator, senior political aide & government insider. “The Search for Truth in Today’s Media”

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Oct. 5: Ian MacAlpine, Multimedia Journalist.

“Changes in Local News Reporting & Photography from 1983 to Present Day” Fake News phenomenon, our training and ethics, why we don’t do that and the checks and balances that are in place to prevent Fake News.

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Oct 12:  Hollie Pratt-Campbell, Digital News Editor.

“Becoming Better Informed During the Awkward Adolescence of the Digital News Era”

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Oct. 19: Matt Shephard, Project Manager, for CFRC Expansion Podcasting.

“CFRC Breaking New Ground as Audiences Move From “Appointment” to “On Demand” Listening.

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