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Series A - Winter 2016

epidemicEpidemics and Pandemics through the Ages

How do they spread and can they be managed in our shrinking world? This series examines recent and recurring epidemics and pandemics and how they were managed by public health agencies, public responses and what lessons have been learned.


Series A – $65/person, 5 lectures
Series A & B – $120/person, 10 lectures


Jan 15 to Feb 12 2016


January 15
Tuberculosis in Aboriginal Populations in Canada
Speaker: Dr. Wendy Wobeser, Department of Medicine (Infectious Diseases) Queen’s University

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January 22
HIV Stigma The under-appreciated driver of an epidemic.

Speaker: Dr. Wendy Wobeser

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January 29
The Great Pandemic of 2009
How well did the Health System manage?
Speaker: Dr. Ian Gemmill, Chief Medical Officer of Health, KFL&A

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February 5
SARS - Did we learn anything from this in the last decade?
Speaker: Dr. Dick Zoutman, Professor Emeritus of Medicine, (Infectious Diseases) Queen’s University & Chief of Staff, Quinte Health Care

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February 12

In the Time of Cholera  - History of a Victorian Epidemic.
Speaker: Maxime Chouinard, Director Museum of Health Care, Kingston

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