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Series B - Winter 2016

music 360Music Motif, Movement & Melody

A varied journey touching on musical themes and its impact in society and local inspiration.


Series B – $65/person, 5 lectures
Series A & B – $120/person, 10 lectures


Feb 19 to Mar 18, 2016


February 19
An Architectural Side of Music
Through recorded examples and visuals, learn Burge’s (local Juno Award winning composer) compositional approach behind his work, Cathedral Architecture, which was written for organ and orchestra.
Speaker: Dr. John Burge, Department of Music Queen’s University

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February 26
Victorian England’s Class System
Learn how the British Class system was reinforced through education, how rank was rewarded over talent, and how even a woman’s clothing contributed to her subjugation. Then watch Gilbert and Sullivan lampoon it all!
Speaker: Lisa Szeker-Madden, PhD Musician, Historian, Educator

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March 4
A Musical Journey
Learn what led Mitchell to choose a career in conducting, get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of his position as Music Director, and hear his future plans for the Kingston Symphony.
Speaker: Evan Mitchell, Music Director, Kingston Symphony

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March 11
All That Jazz
Since its inception, jazz has had a profound impact on music-making throughout the western world. This impact will be highlighted with recorded examples.
Speaker: Bob Arlidge, Musician, Educator

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March 18
Kingston’s Many Musical Lives
Musicologist Dr. Walker speaks about a new project exploring the multiplicity and variety of musicmaking in Kingston, how musical activities form communities, and how these communities interact.
Speaker: Dr. Margaret Walker, Department of Music Queen’s University

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