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Series C - Winter 2016

rail sunSteve Manders & Railways


$35/person. 3 lectures. ($25 if also purchasing A & B)


1-15 April 2016


April 1
Kingston and Pembroke Railway
The story of the Kingston and Pembroke Railway began here in 1872. It became a vital transportation link to the hinterland drawing out timber and minerals. This presentation is about the people, and economics along the K&P with many photos of it, past and present.

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April 8
Bay of Quinte Railway
This is the story of The Bay of Quinte Railway began in Deseronto in 1881 going up the Napanee River then over to Tweed. It was part of the economic empire built up by the Rathburn family as they developed the shipping, railway, timber, wood working, mining, cement making industries, only to watch it all crumble just as fast.

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April 15
Small Local Railways and More Small is beautiful.
This presentation is about the 8 km-long Thousand Island Railway that lasted 111 years and the early horse-drawn tram cars in Kingston which were followed by an electric rail system. We will also cover some of the local logging routes and historical native canoe routes with photos of what is there today.

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