Series B – Controversy & Conflicts in Contemporary Politics

The last 20 years or so have seen some remarkable changes on the political scene in Canada and the world. The rise of populism in North America and Europe is seen by many as a threat to democracy. Attempts to re-write history have given us a new phenomenon known as the politics of memory.  The resurgence of religious politics has left its mark on a variety of countries on four continents. The Brexit referendum in Great Britain and the advent of Donald Trump have made trade policy a major issue in international relations. The maintenance of security in post 9/11 world has posed challenges to the civil rights of citizens. These are all topics worthy of serious reflection, and it is to that this series of lectures is dedicated.


Series B – $67/person, 5 lectures
Series A & B – $124/person, 10 lectures

New: Lectures may have available seats at $20.00. Call ahead for single availability.

Where and when:

All lectures start at 10am and are held at Crossroads United Church, 690 Sir John A. Macdonald Blvd unless otherwise stated. See “Things You Should Know” section on homepage for other routine details.


Feb 16 to March 16 2018


Links to some of our speakers may be available here if  you wish to learn more.

February 16: Populism and Democracy
Prof. Zsuzsa Csergo, Head of the Department of Political Studies, Queen’s University

February 23: The Politics of Memory: rewriting History

Jamie Swift, Author and Historian, Kingston

March 2: Conflict in the Name of God: The Resurgence of Religious Politics

Amb. (Retired) Louis A. Delvoie, Centre for International and Defence Policy

March 9: Trade Policy on the Cusp

Professor Robert Wolfe, School of Policy Studies, Queen’s University

March 16: Surveillance, Security and Democracy

Professor David Lyons, Director of the Surveillance Project, Queen’s University